1809 CE
Silvestre de Sacy claims that the word "assassin" is derived from hashish

In 1809 (shortly after the French army's return from Egypt), French scholar Silvestre de Sacy claims (based on an old myth) that the word "assassin" is derived from hashish. Taking a powerful stand on the effects of the plant, he makes the following statement:

"The intoxication produced by the hashish [can lead to a] state of temporary insanity [such that] losing all knowledge of their debility [users] commit the most brutal actions, so as to disturb the public peace...it is not impossible that hemp, or some parts of that vegetable, mixed with other substances unknown to us, may have been sometimes employed to produce a state of frenzy and violence".

Source: Abel, E. L. (2013). Marihuana: the first twelve thousand years. Springer Science & Business Media.

Drugs: Cannabis (marijuana)
Regions: France