c. 77 CE
Pedanius Dioscorides includes cannabis and opium in his list of medicines

"De Materia Medica" (On Medical Matters), written by Pedanius Dioscorides, was the leading pharmacological text for 16 centuries. The five-volume work contains excellent descriptions of nearly 600 plants, including cannabis (for lessening inflammation, treating earache, and birth control). It also describes the medicinal value of animal products such as milk and honey and discusses chemical drugs such as calcium and arsenic. Dioscorides clearly refers to sleeping potions prepared from opium and mandragora as surgical anesthetics.

"De Materia Medica" is the prime historical source of information about the medicines used by the Greeks, Romans, and other cultures of antiquity and became the precursor to all modern pharmacopeias.

Source: Booth, M. (2005). Cannabis: A History. Macmillan.

Drugs: Cannabis (marijuana), Opium (morphine, heroin, opioids)
Regions: Europe, Greece, Italy
Topics: Medicinal use of drugs