1620 CE
The Roman Catholic church bans peyote during the Inquisition

As soon as the Spanish encountered peyote use in the Americas, they regarded it as something 'uncivilized' people did. They regarded Christianity as the superior religious culture and aimed to convert Indians to Christianity. This led to the first law regarding peyote, but also influenced the establishment to future peyote legislations. In 1620, during the Inquisition, the use of peyote was banned by the Catholic Church, deeming it as in opposition to "the purity and integrity of our Holy Catholic Faith".

Source: Labate, B. C., & Clancy C. (2016). Peyote: History, Tradition, Politics, and Conservation. ABC-Clio.

Drugs: Peyote (mescaline)
Regions: Mexico
Topics: Prohibition