2014 CE
The results of a Swiss study on the effect of LSD on patients in a therapeutic context are published

The results of a government-approved experimental study about the effect of LSD on humans for therapeutic purposes are published. This is the first government-approved experimental study in which humans were given LSD published since 1966.

The study was conducted in Switzerland and aimed to examine the safety and efficacy of LSD on patients suffering from anxiety associated with having a life-greatening disease. The study concluded that "when administered safely in a methodologically rigorous medically supervised psychotherapeutic setting, LSD can reduce anxiety", suggesting that larger controlled studies are warranted.

Source: Gasser, P. (2014). Safety & efficacy of LSD. The Journal of nervous and mental disease. 202(7): 513

Drugs: LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide)
Regions: Switzerland
Topics: Medicinal use of drugs