450 BCE
Persia King advised to take advantage of opponents' lack of experience with alcohol to defeat them

In Histories, Greek historian Herodotus claimed that Croesus advised King Cyrus of Persia to capitalize on his opponents’ lack of experience with alcohol as part of his military strategy: "...As I understand, the Massagetae have no experience of the good things of Persia, and have never fared well as to what is greatly desirable. Therefore, I advise you to cut up the meat of many of your sheep and goats into generous portions for these men, and to cook it and serve it as a feast in our camp, providing many bowls of unmixed wine and all kinds of food. Then let your army withdraw to the river again, leaving behind that part of it which is of least value. For if I am not mistaken in my judgment, when the Massagetae see so many good things they will give themselves over to feasting on them; and it will be up to us then to accomplish great things.”

Source: Herodotus (1920). The Histories (A. D. Godley, Trans.). Book 1, Ch. 207.Cambridge. Harvard U Press

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Topics: Drugs and war