1890 CE
Opium dens appear in Vancouver and Victoria

Chinese immigrants first established Chinatowns in Victoria and Vancouver in British Columbia, and here too, opium dens were common in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. When the city of San Francisco began taxing imported opium for smoking, the trade was diverted to Victoria, and, from there, much of the opium was smuggled south into the United States. However, a fair amount of opium was consumed in the opium dens to be found in the Chinatowns of Victoria and Vancouver. The latter city's "Shanghai Alley" was known for its rustic opium dens. As in the United States, non-Chinese often frequented the Chinese-run opium dens in Canadian Chinatowns

Source: Murphy, E. F. (1922). The black candle. T. Allen.

Drugs: Opium (morphine, heroin, opioids)
Regions: Canada
Topics: Cultivation, production and trade