1907 - 1930 CE
US states move to ban cannabis

A growing concern over patent medicines and the accurate labeling poisons, drugs and food led to a wave of regulation and prohibition. Cannabis was defined as a dangerous drug, and even though not terribly well-known, was swept up in this trend. Individual states moved to regulate and prohibit cannabis: California (1907), Massachusetts (1911), New York (1914), and Maine (1914), Wyoming (1915); Texas (1919); Iowa (1923); Nevada (1923); Oregon (1923); Washington (1923); Arkansas (1923); Nebraska (1927);[20] Louisiana (1927); and Colorado (1929).

This tide of prohibitionist sentiment in America coincided with a focus on a wide range of "moral vices" such as prostitution, racetrack gambling, prizefighting and oral sex. The prohibition of cannabis (and alcohol) needs to be seen, at least in part, against this social backdrop.

Source: Gieringer, D. (1999). The forgotten origins of cannabis prohibition in California. Contemp Drug Prob

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