c. 1224 CE
Ibn al-Baytar of Spain provides a description of the psychoactive effects of Cannabis

In Egypt, Ibn al-Baytar, a Arab botanist from Spain, observed hashish being eaten by the Sufis. He noted that the Sufis had a special way of preparing their hashish, by first baking the leaves and then forming a paste by rubbing them in between their hands. They would then roll the paste into a ball and eat it like a pill. In his diary, Ibn al-Baytar notes: "People [i.e. the Sufis] who use it [hashish] habitually have proved its pernicious effect, it enfeebles their minds by carrying to them maniac affections, sometimes it even causes death." Ibn al-Baytar also adds: "I recall having seen a time when men of the vilest class alone dared to eat it, still they did not like the name 'takers of hashish' applied to them."

Source: Marijuana - The First Twelve Thousand Years (n.d.). Schaffer Library of Drug Policy.

Drugs: Cannabis (marijuana)
Regions: Egypt