375 BCE
Comedy writer Eubulus summed up the good, bad and ugly sides of ancient alcohol use

In the play, Semele or Dionysus, Dionysus mentions different effects of alcohol, depending on how many drinks are consumed. He says: "For sensible men I prepare only three kraters: one for health, which they drink first, the second for love and leisure, and the third for sleep. After the third one is drained, wise men go home. The fourth krater is not mine anymore. It belongs to bad behaviour; the fifth is for shouting; the sixth is for rudeness and insults; the seventh is for fights; the eight is for breaking the furniture; the ninth is for depression; the tenth is for madness and unconsciousness."

Source: Hunter, R. L. (1983). Eubulus: The Fragments. Cambridge University Press.

Drugs: Alcohol
Regions: Greece